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Blackhawk Farms
Racecar Driver
Volleyball Player
Sand Volleyball
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I have loved cars and racing since I could crawl. I am grateful to my parents, teachers, friends and the local community who have supported me and encouraged me to chase my dreams. I am dedicated to always do my very best - and not just at the track.  I also try hard to do well in school. I am a junior at Bolingbrook High School where I am an honors student and take honors and A.P. classes. I played on the freshman A and B volleyball teams, and continue to play outside of school on sand. Previously, at Brooks Middle School I was in honors classes as well and made the Volleyball team.  At Wood View Elementary, I served on Student Council, School Safety Patrol, and was involved in both technology club and the business club. I have also participated in the Bolingbrook STEM program and received a scholarship to Discovery Academy. In addition to Volleyball and Racing, my other interests have included baseball where I played 11 seasons over 6 years, Taekwondo where I earned my blue belt, swimming, piano, and exploring the outdoors with my German Shepherd Dog. 

I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I am, so I am always looking for opportunities to help others. Whether its volunteering at the local food pantry, helping out at local charity or church events, or just being nice to others, I do my best to pay it forward and to perform random acts of kindness. We also partner with organizations that share our passion for helping others to achieve and excel. We have partnered with the Bolingbrook STEM Association, and we helped the Illinois Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics by coordinating a Torch Run night at Grundy County Speedway that raised over four thousand dollars for them. Prior to that we assisted in raising funds and bringing attention to cystic fibrosis. 

I am currently racing a 2004 Corvette on road courses in the midwest. Starting at age nine  I competed in a SuperCup car and in 2016 I earned Rookie of the Year.  In 2017 I finished 5th place out of 18 drivers and earned the Hard Charger award. In 2018 I finished 3rd in points against 17 drivers of all ages.  Shortly after the 2018 season we lost our car and all of our equipment in a fire but were fortunate to acquire a new car for the 2019 season and had our best season yet, finishing 2nd in the points chase for 2019 and tying for fastest qualifier with the season champion.  For more information, click the links at the top of the page or keep scrolling down. Thanks for reading. 

PS - Did you know that Racecar spelled backwards is Racecar? 


 CAR #75 

2004 Corvette C5 LeMans Edition
CAR 75
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Bolingbrook Bugle Racig Article
Michael Mucha, Randy Mucha, Carol Mucha, Bolingbrook, Library, Racing

From the School District Web Site Nov 2016:

It was Career Day at Wood View Elementary School with guests ranging from District Superintendent Dr. James Mitchem to representatives from the Village of Bolingbrook, the Fountaindale Library and the Joliet Slammers. But the most unique presenters were Randy Mucha and his Wood View 4th grade son, Michael, who races in half scale NASCAR race cars. Students not only received quick lessons about what it takes to be a race car driver but also learned how math relates to the car’s gears and suspension and how physics helps keep a fast moving object stuck to a banked oval. Mr. Mucha and Michael also took students outside to see Michael’s car. 

Michael Mucha, Randy Mucha, VVSD, 365U, Wood View Elementary Bolingbrook
Patch News Article on Michael Mucha
Rookie of the Year - 2016
Michael Mucha Rookie of the Year #SFAC2017
Fifth Overall - 2017
Michael Mucha 5th place
Michael Mucha News Article Bolingbrok Bugle #SFAC2017

Super Cup race cars (or Mini Cup cars) are the same as a NASCAR but exactly 1/2 the size.  The cars have full tube chassis, rack and pinion steering, upper and lower control arms and fully adjustable coil over shocks both front and rear.  A full cage and a five point safety harness makes these cars one of the safest forms of racing available.

Super Cups are known nation wide and you can almost always find them racing at a track in your local area.  Super Cups offer competitive side by side racing with a fully enclosed car for safety.  Super Cups come with all the same bodies that NASCAR uses. The cars can achieve speeds of over 100 mph but usually the tracks raced are 1/4 to 1/2 mile paved oval tracks and the Super Cups will be racing between 50 - 80 MPH.  The focus of these cars is not top speed as much as competitiveness.  

Safety: Full roll cage and body for protection similar to Sprint Cup cars and a 5 point harness, helmet, head and neck restraint (HANS), and full firesuit, shoes and gloves.


Engine: Honda GX390 - Blue Printed 20+ H.P.  4 Stroke, OHV Single Cylinder - Air Cooled - Electric Start - Dry Centrifugal Clutch.


Body: Hand Laid Fiberglass with Carbon Fiber Strips - Lexan Windows - Lasercut Stainless Steel Hinges - Available in Chevy Impala SS, Monte Carlo, Ford Fusion, Dodge Charger, Toyoya Camry and others. 


Chassis: 1-1/8th by .065 Chromoly Cage Structure with 1 1/4 Square Frame Rails - Quick Adjust Upper Control Arms - Toe Adjustments - Movable Pedals - Rack and Pinion Steering - Adjustable Coil-over Shocks (Steel or Aluminum) - Fully Tunable Suspension.


Wheels and Tires: 8 by 6.5 Wheels  - 15X7X8 Hoosier Racing Slicks.


Nationwide/Organized:  The cars and rules are set nationwide by sanctioning bodies and local track rules. So if you travel or need to move, you can still race competitively wherever you go.


Equality:  The governing rules keep the cars competitive and allow for the driver to determine his own fate on the track.

WGN feature about the Central States Region Super Cups at Grundy County Speedway from more than 10 years ago - still accurate today: 

Car 75


Racing is an expensive motor sports to participate in, because doing things the right way, the safe way, and the winning way takes money. 


Advertising is key to success. We can help each other with a sponsorship package. With sponsorship your business name will be on our racecar for a full year, and will be seen by thousands of people. Advertising works best with repetitive exposure. Your company name will be seen regularly at a large number of community functions, car shows, cruise nights, parades, demonstrations and charity events in addition to the racetrack. The more your name is seen, the better the response from the advertising. 


All sponsors, in addition to having your logo displayed on the car, will be featured on this web site and regularly mentioned on our Twitter feed, Instagram, YouTube channel and Facebook Fan page. Your web site will be linked to this site as well for additional exposure. With your sponsorship we also provide you with a thank you photo or plaque of our racecar displaying your name/logo on it. ​

To read more details about sponsorship please CLICK HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to consider sponsoring us, and to the supporters below.   

Michaerl Mucha Racing Sponsor Vics Car Wash Bolingbrook
Michael Mucha runs on Hoosier Racing Tires
Maplebrook Chiropractic Sponsors Michael Mucha Racing
Creative Photography by Paul Bolingbrook
Cartoon of Michael Mucha by Sam Mark #foldedstars
Create Cut Invent Lisle Illinois Sponsors Michael Mucha Racing
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Collision Boss Chatham
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